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Getting There

There are many ways of getting here, but the easiest and safest way would be to let us arrange a driver for you. Transportation in Bali is very cheap compared to the Western World. If you are feeling brave, then you can rent a motorbike or car and make your own way here! The road to get to Balian is the same road that all of the trucks and buses use to go back and forth from Bali to Java, so it’s a very dangerous. Its nickname is the “Death Road” as there are many collisions from the crazy truckers and bus drivers overtaking cars on blind curves. So if you are here for a short time, then I would highly recommend that you sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery while someone else drive. Once in Balian, you really don’t need any transportation! You can also rent a car or motorbike once in Balian if need be. A Driver From Kuta area to Balian is Rp 450,000 (approx $45 USD). From the Denpasar airport a driver will cost Rp 550,000 (approx $55.00 USD). If you do decide to get a driver to bring you to Balian, then I strongly recommend that you use one of my drivers. You will arrive safely and hassle free, and more so I wont get a headache from some random driver calling me over and over for directions once he is lost! I cant tell you how often this happens when someone organizes their own transport! Transport fees are paid directly to the driver by the client. Ok, here are directions if I still haven’t convinced you to get a driver.

From Kuta, you will head north towards Tanalot, from there head to Tabanan, which is a fairly large city. Once in Tabanan ALWAYS follow signs towards Gillimanuk / Negara. Note: when you are leaving Tabanan, once at the last big roundabout with a statue in the middle you will start to go down a hill on the two-lane highway with lots of trees and vegetation on both sides. From that last round about, its about 30-31 km to the Balian turn off so take a look at your odometer if it works!

From Tabanan you always keep following road towards Gillimanuk / Negara. In about 20 km, you will come to a “T” intersection where you must turn LEFT or RIGHT, so turn LEFT there and head towards ocean. There will also be a sign posted here so go in the direction of Gillimanuk / Negara. If you are lost, ask any local which direction is Soka beach, which is very well known and about 2km before Balian. Many locals do not know Balian.

In about 5-6 km you will see the ocean and keep following the main road. Continue past Soka Beach 2km more towards Lalang-Linggah village. You will most likely first see a bright YELLOW sign on the left side of road that says “Balian Beach, Lalang-Linggah”. Do NOT turn here, this is the south side of Balian river and not where you want to go! Continue on the main road another 0.5 km and CROSS LARGE RIVER, after crossing river pass the Hotel (Balian Yoga on left side) and 300 meters further up the hill turn left at the first very small road which is Surabrata Village. There is also a small BLUE sign here on left that says “Balian Beach”. If you blink an eye, you will miss it! Its a very small entrance on left side and just after the entrance there is a fairly large yellowish color building complex with several shops in it. If you pass this, you have missed the turn off.

Once you turn left into the village, follow the small road all the way down and it will curve left and take you to the beach and the last place you will see before you hit the sand is restaurant and hotel on the left. The Balian Beach Villa, Balian Surf Villa, and the Bungalows are located just behind the hotels restaurant about 50 Meters. Just before this road ends at the sand, there is a small dirt road that you can turn left at to enter from the back. After you have turned left on this dirt road, it will be the first right after this to reach us! There is also an additional parking area on the right just before you turn right!