There are a handful of local restaurants and Cafťís in Balian

Tokiís Restaurant

This is the closest to the beach, which has great western food as well as Indonesian dishes. Owned by a Canadian and Indonesian wife, its very clean, comfortable and located beachfront with probably the best view of the surf. They even have a beachfront pool you can use. So jump in, have a cold Bintang and watch the surf!

Tomís Garden Cafť

This nice little Garden Cafť is Australian/Indonesian owned. They offer a variety of western dishes as well as Indonesian in tropical garden setting. Perfect place to relax and have a meal, but I will warn you that if they are busy it will take a long time to get your food. Best to go there earlier in the day and order your food to be ready at the time you desire to eat.

Ayuís Warung

Just your basic Indonesian food and some basic western food. Its decent and cheap compared to the above two western owned restaurants.

Dekkiís Warung

This is another local Indonesia Warung that has basic Indo and western food. Itís cheap and has a great view of the ocean as itís on the cliff.

Night Market

This is everyday and usually starts at sunset. Just make your way up to the main road and you will find many local food vendors with variety local cuisine. This is true Indonesian dining experience like the locals.

Global Warung

Owned and operated by a local Indonesian, this place has great food and cheap prices. They specialize in fresh seafood. You wont be disappointed by the food or the prices. Very friendly service too! You must go to the main road, start heading back towards Kuta direction and in about 2km you will see it on the right side.

Beach Warungs

Several little local restaurants recently opened on the beach. They are basic Indonesian and cheap, can get some good fresh fish. Itís also not a bad place to sit and have a few beers as they are on the sand.